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9.12.2019 klo 08:00 - 14.2.2020 klo 18:00


The course is aimed for PhD students and researchers who are using experimental animals (mouse/rat) in their work. The course is possible to carried out only when it is needed and with the species the person uses for scientific purposes.

The main topics in the course:

National and European legislation
Ethics and 3Rs
Comparative physiology and anatomy, basic biology (mice and rats)
Genetic quality and GMO
Basic design of procedures and projects
Handling, sampling and procedures in theory, dose calculations
Husbandry and care, enrichment and welfare, transportation
Animal health management and hygiene
Occupational health and safety
Anesthesia, analgesia, pain and distress, humane endpoints, euthanasia
Perioperative care, hygiene practical

Hyväksytty - Hylätty


Please include to your registration
1. Billing information
2. Are you going to carry out the course with a mouse, a rat or both species
3. Shortly, why you need the course.

The lectures will be on 2-4 and 9-12 March (5 days, 35 hours, 100% attendance mandatory) and the hands-on-exercises in weeks 12 and 13 (1 day/species/student). The exam will be on 27 March, 2020.

Niina Kemppinen - niina.kemppinen@helsinki.fi, +358 40 415 4444