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Development Economics I (5 cr)

Language skills levels
In order to complete the course you must already have a good command of English. The course requires a starting level of B2-C1 ( CEF).

The course aims to build on the course ‘Introduction to Development Economics I’, by extending the focus of understanding development economics by providing a series of extended topic based lectures that are key to current policy debates in development economics.

The lectures will provide a theoretical understanding of the issues covered in addition to providing extensive applied examples of the areas covered – including issues of education, health, gender, finance and social protection. The course will be complemented with group work exercises and be assessed with a written assignment.

On completion of the unit students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply extended theories and principles of economic development and have received extensive applied examples of these from developing countries.
  • Understand the linkage between theory and practice.
  • Develop analytical skills relevant to the assessment of these different economic development principles.
  • Examine the main sources of economic and social data relevant to economic development – particularly in relation to education, health, gender and social protection issues.;
  • Understand the knowledge and skills acquired to the study of the main forces sustaining and limiting economic development today, and the design of effective policy interventions.

Lectures 24 hours + essay (3000 words)

You can view a timetable here.
We reserve the right to make changes to the study programme.