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11.9.2019 klo 08:00 - 1.10.2019 klo 23:59


Pe 11.10.2019
12:00 - 16:00


Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences is responsible for the course.

Module where the course belongs to:

  • ATM300 Advanced Studies in Atmospheric Sciences
    Optional for:
    1. Study Track in Aerosol Physics

The course is available to students from other degree programmes.

ATM319 Measurements of atmospheric aerosols: aerosol physics, sampling and measurement techniques

ATM320 Mass spectrometry in atmospheric sciences and environmental analysis

The student will get basic information on the current techniques to measure atmospheric aerosol particles. Particular interest is placed on measurements of physical, chemical and optical properties, as well as aerosol hygroscopicity and volatility. The student learns the scientific basis of the instrument components.

The course will be lectured every year in the II period.

The recommended time for completion is after completing Aerosol physics I.

  • Introduction to atmospheric aerosol measurements
  • total aerosol number concentration (Condensation Particle Counters)
  • aerosol size classification (Differential Mobility Analyzers)
  • laboratory generation of aerosols and instrument verification
  • measurements of aerosol hygroscopicity and volatility
  • measurements of atmospheric ions
  • aerosol optical properties
  • on-line and off-line aerosol chemical measurements
  • Lecture notes

Supplementary reading material

Exercises, group work in laboratory, student presentation based on the laboratory work.

Final grade is based on exam and exercise points. 45% of total points are required to pass.