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Learning is good for the brain.

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Open University Summer Courses are free of charge for the undergraduate students of the University of Helsinki who are enlisted as attending students at the time of registration. Free payment does not apply to any material charge.

Registration begins 45 days before the beginning of the course. The exact registration time is shown in the Register button.

To participate the course, you have to get the University of Helsinki username. Activating the University of Helsinki account requires stong electronic identification. More information.

How can I become a student?

During your studies

Arrangements for students in ineed of special support

We reserve the right to make changes to the study program.


The course is suitable for anyone interested in brain and learning.

  • understands the connection between brain plasticity and learning
  • understands the meaning of sleep, physical activity and diet to learning and can apply this knowledge
  • understands the physiologial factors affecting learning
  • can find and utilize scientific information to support his/her learning
  • the basic structure and function of the human brain
  • brain plasticity and factors affecting it
  • the connection between sleep and learning, and the functioning and consolidation of memory
  • the effects of sports and active lifestyle on cognition and learning
  • the effects of diet, breaks, music and other artistic and craft activities on brain and learning
  • gamification of learning and its effects on the brain


  • Physical activity ja learning
  • Sleep and learning
  • Neuroscience as a tool for studying learning
  • How the brain learns languages
  • Music and brain
  • Emotions and learning
  • Brain, nutrition and learning
  • Learning and memory techniques

Recommended course literature in Finnish:

  • Minna Huotilainen & Leeni Peltonen: Tunne aivosi.
  • Petri Paavilainen: Toimivat aivot.
  • Anders Hansen: Aivovoimaa.
  • Minna Huotilainen: Näin aivot oppivat.
  • Daniel Levitin: Musiikki ja aivot.

Rekommenderad litteratur på svenska:

  • Anders Hansen: Hjärnstark.

Recommended course literature in English:

  • Talitha Best & Louise Dye: Brain Health and Cognitive Performance. (Section I).
  • Anders Hansen: Brain power.
  • Daniel Levitin: This is your brain on music.
  • Michael S. Gazzaniga: Handbook of Cognitive Neuroscience (small parts of the book) OR
  • Bryan Kolb & Ian Q. Whishaw: An introduction to brain and behavior (small parts of the book).

To complete the online course you must:
- listen the lecture recordings and make multiple choice assignments
- read scientific articles by the teacher
- do learning assingments and participate on online discussions; 4 tasks: A, B, C and D

The course is multilingual. The course's multiple choice assignments and recordings are in English. You can do learning assignments and participate on online discussions either in Finnish, Swedish or English.

The online course can be completed on a faster or slower schedule.
Fast Schedule: weeks 19-24/2019, learning assigments return days in June
Slower Schedule: weeks 19-39/2019, learning assignments return days in June and/or August-September

Alternative Schedules for Learning Tasks and Online Discussions:

Fast Schedule:
Task A: weeks 19-21/2019, dl. 27th of May
Task B: weeks 19-22/2019, dl. 3rd of June
Task C: weeks 19-23/2019, dl. 10the of June
Task D: weeks 19-24/2019, dl. 17th of June

Slower Schedule:
Task A: weeks 19-33/2019, dl. 27th of May or 19th of August
Task B: weeks 19-35/2019, dl. 3rd of June or 2nd of September
Task C: weeks 19-37/2019, dl. 10th of June or 16th of September
Task D: weeks 19-37/2019, dl. 17th of June or 30th of September

Moodle opens on the 2nd of May.
You get link and course key for the online learning environment Moodle by logging into the study program at the University of Helsinki username earliest on the next day you sign up. You will receive more information on the username after the registration.

We reserve the right to make changes to the study program.