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All faculties

This course partially/completely fulfils the foreign language requirement in the degree.

Starting level CEFR B2

The aim of the course is for students to activate and develop skills in the academic and professional English of their field and to gain confidence in communicating in situations relevant to their studies and professional life. The intention is that students improve their ability to

  • understand general and academic/professional spoken English
  • discuss/present in academic/professional English fluently and spontaneously
  • read and understand academic/professional English texts
  • write academic/professional English texts clearly and accurately
  • take responsibility for their own learning and become more autonomous language learners, in order to promote life-long learning.

The recommendation for the timing of this course varies according to the degree programme.

Depending on the particular needs of the group, the course will include

  • field-specific materials from a range of sources such as journals, (text) books, and the Internet, provided by students and the teacher
  • reading the material, applying appropriate strategies
  • writing texts relevant to the students' academic and professional needs
  • presenting and discussing topics related to the fields of study
  • becoming familiar with strategies and tools for future language development.

Moodle / other media

Students choose texts from their field to be used as materials.


The course uses peer evaluation, self-evaluation and evaluation by the teacher.

Online course

Online learning environment Moodle will be used on the course. The course Moodle will open on Mon 3rd of August 2020.



week 32

3-7 August


1) introduce yourself and choose your team (MOODLE)

2) contact your teammates on TEAM DISCUSSION FORUM


3) team meeting (Zoom): project topic


4) TEAM PROJECT: independent research

5) Team meeting on Thursday (Zoom)

module 1

module 2

week 33

10-14 August

1) TEAM PROJECT: independent research

2) team meeting on Tuesday (Zoom)

3) team meeting on Thursday (Zoom)

module 3

week 34

17-21 August

1) TEAM PROJECT: independent research + team meeting on Tuesday (Zoom)

2) TEAM PROJECT DEADLINE: 19 August 11 pm

3) Zoom meeting (Thursday): Essays

module 3

module 4

week 35

24-27 August

1) Zoom meeting (Tuesday): essays

2) ESSAY DEADLINE: 27 August 4 pm

module 4

The course consists of self-study material (modules 1-4 in COURSE MATERIAL), interactive ZOOM meetings, a team project and an individual project (an academic essay + essay outline + bibliography).


You can study the modules at your own pace, within the timeframe specified in the course schedule.

Modules 1-3 contain information that is relevant for either the team project or the individual project, so make sure you go through them before you start writing your essay. Module 4 contains additional exercises.


There are regular, mandatory Zoom meetings (7 in total) twice a week: on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7 pm. The first 5 Zoom meetings will be dedicated to team projects, and the teams will have an opportunity to discuss their ideas and the progress of the project. The Zoom meetings on 20 August and 25 August will focus on essays and writing.


The purpose of the project is to practise your language skills in collaboration with others. You and your team will decide what the topic of your project is, the material you want to work on as well as what you want to do with it. You will have 5 team meetings on Zoom (Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7 pm) to discuss the project.


To practice your written English, you write a short essay (500-600 words) on the topic of your choice. You must study modules 1-3 (self-study material) before starting this assignment. Please note that the deadline is 27 August 4 pm. You will get feedback on your portfolio within two weeks of submitting your portfolio.