Nimi Op Opiskelumuoto Aika Paikkakunta Järjestäjä
Development Economics I, summer 2021 5 Cr Verkkokurssi 10.5.2021 - 14.6.2021 Helsinki Avoin yliopisto
Nimi Op Opiskelumuoto Aika Paikkakunta Järjestäjä
Development Economics I, summer 2020 5 Cr Verkkokurssi 11.5.2020 - 16.6.2020 Helsinki Avoin yliopisto
Development Economics I, summer 2019 5 Cr Kurssi 12.8.2019 - 27.8.2019 Helsinki Avoin yliopisto
Introduction to Development Economics, Summer 2018 5 Cr Luentokurssi 6.8.2018 - 14.8.2018 Helsinki Avoin yliopisto


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No prior knowledge of development economics is required.

Language skills levels
In order to complete the course you must already have a good command of English. The course requires a starting level of B2-C1 (CEF). http://www.avoin.helsinki.fi/open_university/language_skill_levels.htm



On completion of the unit students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the main theories and principles of economic development, particularly in relation to growth and poverty.
  • Understand the linkage between theory and practice.
  • Develop analytical skills relevant to the assessment of these different economic development principles.
  • Examine the main sources of economic and social data relevant to economic development – particularly in relation to economic growth and poverty analysis.;
  • Understand the knowledge and skills acquired to the study of the main forces sustaining and limiting economic development today, and the design of effective policy interventions.

Course Content:
Introduction to Development Economics
Economic Growth - Theories/Concepts and Empirical Evidence
Poverty – Understanding the Principles
Case Study: Chronic and Extreme Poverty in Developing Countries
Poverty and Economic Growth
Case Study: Poverty and Growth – The Role of Inequality
Poverty and Health
Case Study: The Influence of HIV/AIDS on the Chronically Poor
Public Expenditure in Developing Countries
Case Study: How Important is The Public Sector and What is It’s Role
Taxation in Developing Countries – Providing the Basis for Growth
Case Study: Payroll taxes and the informal economy
Development Economics – Other Issues and Summary


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Grading: 0-5