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29.10. - 10.12.2019 Ti 10.15-11.45
Eva-Karin Heiskanen, Kaisa Matschoss
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Restricted to students in Master’s Programme in Environmental Change and Global SustainabilityRestricted to students in Master’s Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability

Introduction to Sustainability Science, Sustainability Science Concepts, methodology courses and relevant advanced studies needed for own research work.

Student is able to

  • formulate and express in writing a research plan
  • plan and give an oral presentation on own research plan
  • critically analyse other students research plans and results
  • give and receive feedback accordingly
  • plan and prepare an oral presentation with visual material of own research results

The course is provided twice a year; in periods I and III. It is encouraged that the course is chosen when starting the thesis process is topical.

Students plan their research, write the research plan and present the results in the Master's Thesis Seminar. The seminar consists of contact teaching common to all and seminar presentations and discussion sessions in groups formed according to research topics or approaches.

For more information about the ECGS thesis process and guidelines please see Student Instructions.

Contact teaching 10 h. Attending seminar groups 40 h. Individual work: reviewing peers' papers, planning of reserch, formulating and writing research plan 90 h.

Anne Ojala

Linked to Master’s Thesis.