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Philosophical Logic 5 Cr Kurssi 31.10.2017 - 13.12.2017

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Intermediate Course in Logic


Through the course, the student will receive an introduction to philosophical logics and understand their motivations, their relation to philosophical issues and their formal developments (semantics, inferential systems). The course will give the possibility to develop presentation skills and is also intended to prepare the student for the Master's thesis.


Depending on the docent, the course will cover topics including modal, temporal and epistemic logic, intuitionistic logic, conditional logic, counterfactuals, and non-normal modal logics.


Handouts and selected readings from research articles and textbooks will be provided during the course.
Literature exam:
Graham Priest, An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic, Cambridge University Press, 2008 (selection of 14 chapters)
Theodore Sider, Logic for Philosophy, Oxford University Press, 2010

Arviointimenetelmät ja -kriteerit

Assessment based on the learning outcomes, on a scale of 0–5


Language of instruction: English


Final written exam or presentation on a topic to be agreed with the docent. The course can be completed also through a literature exam.