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28.4.2020 klo 08:00 - 18.5.2020 klo 23:59


To 28.5.2020
12:00 - 16:00


The course is compulsory in the Dairy Science and Technology study module. The course is available for any students interested. Bachelor level knowledge in biological / food Sciences is helpful.

The preceding course Dairy Science and Technology 1 is helpful to perform before this course.

The student understands the biochemistry of main milk components (proteins, lipids, lactose and salts), and main unit operations and manufacture of most common cheeses, butter and milk/whey powders.

1st year

period III-IV

Biology and biochemistry of bovine milk proteins and lipids. Manufacture and ripening of cheeses. Cheese starters and adjunct starters. Butter manufacture. Membrane separation processes for milk/whey proteins, lactose and salts. Milk/whey powder and lactose technology.

Handouts on each lecture of 13 lectures are available on the Moodle.

Exam, grades 0-5.

Nykyisestä koronavirustilanteesta johtuen salitentit on peruttu. Voit olla yhteydessä tentaattoriin korvaavan suoritustavan sopimiseksi.

Contact teaching 26 h, self study 26 h.

Tapani Alatossava

Replaces the former course 8720136 (ET332) OR 8720302 (ETT332) Dairy Science and Technology 2.