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19.11.2019 klo 08:00 - 9.12.2019 klo 23:59


To 19.12.2019
12:00 - 16:00


A basic soils course is preferred but not mandatory.

After the course the student will have an understanding of, and is able to determine, the pools, fluxes and transformations of elements in boreal forest ecosystems mainly at the stand-scale. The student knows how to build up and interpret element fluxes and budgets for understanding, evaluating and forecasting the ecosystem responses to environmental changes and forest management. Emphasis is on boreal forests but other biomes are covered as well.

Period I, 1st or 2nd master study year.

Course topics include: Fluxes across ecosystem boundaries, inputs and outputs, Nutrient cycling, Base cations and weathering, Hydrology as a driver of biogeochemical cycles, Carbon cycling and budgets, Biogeochemistry in different biomes, Human impact and biogeochemistry, Utilisation of biogeochemical knowledge. Case studies from different environments and under different management. Emphasis is on carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and mineral nutrients (Ca, Mg, K, P) but micronutrients will also be covered.

Lectures, home assignments, group work, textbook chapters, excursion.

All material will be announced at the course and distributed through Moodle.

Scale 0-5. Evaluation is based on final exam (50%), exercises (25%) and group work (25%).


Prof. Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari, university lecturer Mike Starr

Replaces the former course 83628 Biogeochemical Cycles and Forest Management Interactions, 5 cr.