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19.11.2019 klo 08:00 - 9.12.2019 klo 23:59


To 19.12.2019
12:00 - 16:00


For students with background in biology and forestry sciences.

Basic background knowledge in forest sciences and biological sciences.

  • Appreciation of diverse areas of biotechnology process that are relevant in Forestry
  • Understand the historical background on applied and modern biotechnology
  • Develop awareness on how biotechnology can impact on forestry practices in the coming decades
  • Identify key topic areas that might require immediate or long term intervention with biotechnology tools

Period 1, Third year bachelors student and first year masters students.

  • Biotechnology: history, processes and potentials in Forestry: An overview
  • Forest trees and their microbial partners: The potentials (Phytoremediation, biopulping etc)
  • Tree Health problems-an overview
  • Application of DNA/molecular techniques in fungal biodiversity analyses
  • Endophytes in biotechnology
  • Biological control: Principles and applications in tree health protection
  • Forest tree breeding
  • Fungal Biotechnology: secondary metabolites, lignocellulose bioconversion, first and second generation biofuel
  • Biodegradation and biodeterioration technology
  • Tree biotechnology-GM trees (concept, principles and applications)
  • Ethical and environmental implications of GM-trees: Impact of GM trees on Biodiversity, insect resistance, disease resistance, tolerance to environmental stress, sterility of GM trees, environmental release, regulatory framework, environmental and human health benefit of GM trees, Risk aspects of GM trees to human health and biodiversity
  • Excursions: to Biotechnology company, forest tree breeding station forest tree nursery etc

Attendance, exam, participation in excursion, group work and individual essay.

1. Introduction to Biotechnology by Thieman & Palladino

2. Fungi in Biological control by M. N. Burge (Manchester University Press, UK)

3. Fundamental of Biotechnology by P. Präve, U. Faust, W. Sittig & D. A. Sukatsch

4. Hely Häggman, Suvi Sutela, Christian Walter , and Matthias Fladung: Biosafety Considerations in the Contex of Deployment of GE Trees. In T. Fenning (ed.), Challenges and Opportunities for the World’s Forests 491 in the 21st Century, Forestry Sciences 81, DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-7076-8_21

Exam grade is based on scale 0–5, the grade is partly based on exam, individual essay, group work presentation.

Teaching in English.

Prof. Fred Asiegbu

Replaces the former course 830070 Basic Biotechnology in Forestry 5 cr.