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30.8.2019 klo 09:00 - 15.7.2020 klo 23:59
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optional course for geography students

not open for students from other programmes

Students expands his/her skills about the 3D-analyses geoinformatics. After this course student can follow independently and critically advances in 3D-analyses in GIS. Student can search independently more information about 3D methods data sources of 3D data.

1. or 2. year of Master's studies

1) Basic of the 3D geoinformatics; 2) 3D data in large spatial scales; 3) ultra-high.resolution 3D data; 4) 3D in the natural environment; 5) 3D data in the urban landscape; 6) future in 3D geography

Reading material in the Moodle platform

Studying online learning material and literature, doing practical exercises, reporting those with reflection to corresponding literature, and writing final essay.

Grading 0-5

Online course consisting of online learbing ,aterial, relevant readings, and exercises.