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Pe 21.2.2020
12:00 - 16:00


Compulsory for students of geoinformatics

Geography programme is responsible for the course

Introduction to advanced geoinformatics

The book exam helps students to deepen their knowledge on advanced geoinformatics or remote sensing.

The recommended time for completion is in 1. or 2. year of M.Sc. studies

The course is offered in autumn term, period 2

The students may choose from two reading packages:

1) Geoinformatics

  • De Smith, Goodchild & Longley: Geospatial analysis – a comprehensive Guide to principles techniques and software tools, 3 cr

AND one of the following:

  • Ormeling & Kraak () Cartography: Visualisation of Geospatial data, 2 cr
  • DeMers, M.N. (2001). GIS modeling in raster, Wiley, 2 cr
  • Cope & Elwood (). Qualitative GIS: A Mixed Methods Approach, 2 cr
  • Research article collection (provided separately), 2 cr

2) Remote sensing

  • Jensen, J.R. (2007). Remote sensing of the environment, Prentice Hall, 2 cr
  • Jensen, J.R. (2004). Introductory digital image processing, Prentice Hall, 3 cr

Students are encouraged to organize reading clubs to ease the reading process and deepen the learning experience.

Normal grading, 0-5

Exam in the traditional exam event or in the exam aquarium