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Biological collections

Students will learn what are biological collections and how science, and society in general, benefit from them

Students will learn how to access and use biological collections, how specimens are collected and made available as material in natural history collections for further use in research, both locally and internationally.
Central contents: biological collections and their role in taxonomy, how collections worldwide collaborate to support research & how biological specimens are obtained, curated and databased.

27.4.2020 klo 00:00 - 31.7.2020 klo 23:59


Current schedule Mon 17.viii. - Fri 4.ix. plus two hrs seminar next Fri 11.ix, here students will demo to each other practicals. All days 13-15 but some of the the practicals (31.viii.-4.ix.) might take a bit longer and start earlier.


PowerPoint- slides of the lectures in pdf-format available after the lectures & Carter, D. & Walker, A. (eds.) 1999. Care and Conservation of Natural History Collections http://natsca.org/care-and-conservation, Watson, M. F. & al. (eds.) 2014. Descriptive taxonomy (available as an e-book) in UH library.

Kurssin suorittaminen

The course lectures (with learning diary submitted) will provide 4 ECTS, this can be supplemented through participation in the practicals in order to obtain 5 ECTS for this course. No numerical evaluation, only failed/passed.


Basic knowledge in evolution, taxonomy, systematics and biological nomenclature

Students will learn how to access and use biological collections and how specimens are collected, curated, databased and preserved in natural history museums for further use in research.

Period I, even years

Central content of the course:

  • biological collections and their role in research
  • how biological museums worldwide interact to support research
  • how biological specimens are collected, curated and databased

Lectures and demonstrations supplemented with independent study of the course material plus independent exercise

Recommended: J. E. Winston: Describing species. 518 pp. Columbia University Press 1999.

Numerous original articles related to specific topics will be introduced during the lectures

Grading scale pass-fail

Kurssi järjestetään keskustassa eläin- ja kasvimuseon tiloissa / Course is located in the botanical & zoological museum in city centre.

Professor Jaakko Hyvönen

Replaces the former course 59944 Biological collections.