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American English

In this course, we explore the richness of US varieties of English: how they got there, their influences, and their social meaning

There is much more to the United States than politics and Hollywood. In this course, we use the lens of language to explore the cultural and historical richness of the United States of America. You might think you know America ... but do you really?

This intensive course runs for two weeks at the end of August 2020. The course will be conducted as a combination of individual or paired remote tasks, online lectures, and, barring any unforeseen changes, non-mandatory outdoor meetings. Those who have registered for the course or emailed the instructor will receive further information before the end of week 32.

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8.4.2020 klo 09:00 - 20.5.2020 klo 23:59


Depending on the advice of the Finnish government and the University of Helsinki, this course will be held either remotely or in person. More information forthcoming closer to the course dates.


Tästä osiosta löydät kurssin opetusaikataulun. Tarkista mahdolliset muut aikataulut kuvauksesta.

Ma 17.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
Ti 18.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
Ke 19.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
To 20.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
Pe 21.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
Ma 24.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
Ti 25.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
Ke 26.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
To 27.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45
Pe 28.8.2020
13:15 - 15:45

Kurssin suorittaminen

This course is worth 5 credits, or the equivalent of approximately 135 hours of student work. Students are assessed on a scale of 1 through 5. Assessment is continuous throughout the course, based on completion of the required tasks and participation in class activities.

Students are required to conduct individual or group-based research on at least one variety of American English. Depending on the circumstances, this information will be presented either orally, online as a Wiki entry, or both. In addition, students are required to turn in a 750–1000 word paper after the course is finished.

The course consists of a combination of lectures, individual study and project work, and group meetings.

While the class meeting time is scheduled from 1 to 4 pm every day from August 17 through August 28, we will not spend all of this time in class together. A detailed plan and schedule will be supplied to registered students on the first day of class.


Kurssi on avoin opintosuunnan opiskelijoille ja vaihto-opiskelijoille.

Erikoistumisvaihtoehdon suoritettuaan opiskelija on perehtynyt syvällisemmin tietyn kielitieteen tutkimusalueen teemoihin ja kykenee hahmottamaan erikoistumisalueeseen liittyen kandidaatintutkielmansa kysymyksenasettelua.

Opintojakso suoritetaan aineopinnoissa opintojen toisena ja/tai kolmantena vuonna. Ks. vuosittainen opetusohjelma.

Erikoistumisvaihtoehdon sisältö vaihtelee vuosittain ja kursseittain, tarkennetaan opetusohjelmassa.

Ilmoitetaan opetusohjelmassa ja/tai ensimmäisellä opetuskerralla.

Ilmoitetaan opetusohjelmassa ja/tai ensimmäisellä opetuskerralla.

Perustuu erikoistumisvaihtoehdon opetusohjelmassa tarkennettuihin oppimistavoitteisiin. Ilmoitetaan opetusohjelmassa ja/tai ensimmäisellä opetuskerralla. Arvosteluasteikko: 0-5

Students are selected based on

  1. previous studies,
  2. order of registration.

Erikoistumisvaihtoehdon toteutus vaihtelee vuosittain ja kursseittain, tarkennetaan opetusohjelmassa.