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15.2.2020 klo 08:00 - 31.5.2020 klo 23:59
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LL/HLL, Psychology, Transmed and Neuroscience students

Knowledge on basics of neuroscience help with studies.

The students will:

- Understand the basic principles of sleep and circadian neurobiology, and the impact of sleep/insufficient sleep to health and well-being.

The students will:

-understand the basic principles of sleep and circadian neurobiology, and the impact of sleep/insufficient sleep to health and well-being.

-be familiar with the most commonly used experimental approaches in sleep research (EEG, behavioral tracking, imaging, molecular genetics, epidemiology etc.).

-be able to apply the understanding of sleep and circadian neurobiology to other fields of neuroscience and critically judge new findings.

-be better equipped to take sleep and circadian aspects into consideration in their own work.

Can be completed at any time of the year.

This is a web-based course consisting of 20 videos á 20 min on different aspects of sleep. Each video has section of 10 multiple choice questions and 2-4 articles as part of the educational content.

Titles of the videos

Definition and structure of sleep

Introduction to measurement of sleep

Neuroanatomy and-chemistry of sleep

Basics of circadian rhythms

Sleep regulation and the 2-process model

REM sleep

Theories on function of sleep

Effects of pharmacological agents on sleep

Adaptation of bodily functions to sleep

Effects of acute and chronic sleep deprivation

Sleep, learning and memory

Genetics of sleep regulation

Hormone secretion and sleep

Thermoregulation and sleep

Sleep at different ages

Gender differences in sleep

Sleep and mental health

Sleep and dreaming

Sleep and consciousness

Jet lag and shift work

Video course (altogether 20 videos) on Moodle platform. Each video connects to a set of questions that the student must complete before participating the final examination and acceptance of the course. Course end with an examination at Examinarium.

The course language is English.

2-4 scientific articles per video announced at the Moodle site after each video.

All tests related to videos and the final examination must be accepted (50% acceptance rate) before course acceptance. Final examination can be participated only after acceptance of the tests related to the videos. Course will be rates as accepted/not accepted.

Videos 15 h

Video problems 10 h

Examination 1 h

Literature studies 20 h

Stuies on teh materia and preparation for examination 15+6 = 21 h

Altogether 67 h

Henna-Kaisa Wigren, henna-kaisa.wigren@helsinki.fi, Research program unit