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Information in the course webpage: http://opetus.mante.li/computationalsocialscience/

7.8.2018 klo 08:00 - 19.10.2018 klo 23:59



Tästä osiosta löydät kurssin opetusaikataulun. Tarkista mahdolliset muut aikataulut kuvauksesta.

Pe 28.9.2018
08:15 - 09:45
Ma 1.10.2018
16:15 - 17:45
Pe 5.10.2018
08:15 - 09:45
Ma 8.10.2018
16:15 - 17:45
Pe 12.10.2018
08:15 - 09:45
Ma 15.10.2018
16:15 - 17:45
Pe 19.10.2018
08:15 - 09:45


  • The Doctoral seminar of the discipline of the methodologies course
  • Other methodologies courses that might supplement or complement the core course taken relevant to the PhD candidate's research project, with advice from the candidate's supervisor.
  • To develop sufficient skills in all research methods required to successfully carry out empirical research within the PhD candidate's chosen field of expertise in the social sciences
  • To develop an ability to distinguish between techniques and tools of research, and the epistemological and theoretical logic guiding these techniques
  • To develop an ability to draw on the methodologies learned to solve research problems.

Determined by each discipline. Before primary research begins.

The details are specified by each discipline. All courses will provide training in methods and/or methodologies specific to the requirements of their discipline.

Literature recommended will depend upon disciplinary specialisation.

Teaching methods used will depend upon disciplinary specialisation, and may include both practical and theoretical training techniques.

The assessment criteria will depend upon disciplinary requirements.

Language of instruction: English/Finnish/Swedish

  • Dependent upon the requirements of the discipline and research methodologies required by the doctoral research being undertaken by the PhD candidate.
  • In all cases, the candidate must demonstrate success in both gaining the skills needed to make use of the methods/methodologies taught, and that the candidate understands the epistemological and theoretical logic behind these methods/methodologies.