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12.2.2020 klo 00:00 - 3.3.2020 klo 23:59


Pe 13.3.2020
16:00 - 20:00


Students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Translational Medicine

TMED-909 Human Anatomy and Physiology or similar

After the course, the student will understand the general mechanisms underlying and leading to human disease and will understand and be able to describe general features and relevant molecular mechanisms of the most important organ pathologies.

Period II, second study year for TRANSMED students. Arranged for the first time in autumn 2018.

Lectures will cover the general pathophysiological mechanisms of disease (general pathology) and the diagnostically and therapeutically relevant features of several important diseases (“organ pathology”). During theme days, the students will become familiar with the basic diagnostic methods of anatomic and molecular pathology through case studies.

Lecturers: Leif Andersson, Tom Böhling, Olli Carpén, Veli-Pekka Lehto, Sanna Lehtonen, Tuomas Mirtti, Mikko Mäyränpää

Organisers for the demos: Helena Leijon, Liisa Myllykangas, Mikko Mäyränpää

Lecture materials and eBook: Robbins, Basic Pathology (selected parts)

The course combines self-study, lecture-based teaching and practical case studies to enhance learning and the collecting of knowledge, aiming for a greater understanding of the key concepts and principles of the pathophysiological mechanisms of disease.

Teachers communicate with each other when preparing for the course and during the teaching, and collect feedback from each other and from the students.

Completion requires at least 80% participation in the lectures and other course activities and a passing grade on the exam, which will be based on lectures and the self-study material.

Grading scale 0–5. Grading is based on the exam.

Lectures and theme days. Each theme day includes demos and laboratory visits, including an excursion to the pathology laboratory of HUSLAB that provides pathology services for Helsinki University Hospital.

Lectures 16 h
Visits/demos: 6 h
Self-study 47 h
Exam 2 h

Replaces course 30472 Pathologic Basis of Disease