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6.10.2017 klo 09:00 - 24.10.2017 klo 23:59


Tästä osiosta löydät kurssin opetusaikataulun. Tarkista mahdolliset muut aikataulut kuvauksesta.

Ti 31.10.2017
10:15 - 11:45
Ti 7.11.2017
10:15 - 11:45
Ke 29.11.2017
14:15 - 16:45
Ke 13.12.2017
14:15 - 16:45
Ma 15.1.2018
10:15 - 12:45
Ma 22.1.2018
10:15 - 12:45
Ma 29.1.2018
10:15 - 12:45
Ma 5.2.2018
10:15 - 12:45
Ma 12.2.2018
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Ma 19.2.2018
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Ma 26.2.2018
10:15 - 12:45


Kts. vuosittainen opetusohjelma

to learn to read historical sources of different genres with close attention to their context of production and the strategies used by authors to express their ideas

to learn to situate a source text within historical debates in Christianity

to identify and use relevant modern scholarship to interpret the text's contents and contribution to the history of Christianity in a specific period

to learn to use historical methods and resources to plan a successful research project for the kanditutkielma

to practise using English in academic contexts

The historical narrative of Christianity is based upon interpretations of sources at the time of their production as part of historical controversies and by modern scholars. In this seminar, students will choose a source text which originates as part of a significant controversy in Christian history, to investigate the context of its production and how it has been interpreted by earlier and modern writers. Students will be encouraged to develop an independent perspective upon the text, theme or controversy. The seminar discussions will be in English and students may choose to prepare written papers in either English or Finnish. Students may work in any period of Christian history before the modern era.

Participation in the seminars and related work