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Juliette Day (course leader)
Rick Bonnie
Maijastina Kahlos

This course has three aims:

1. to learn about the use of material evidence for the construction of historical interpretations of early Christianity
2. to learn about the types of evidence we have for popular and domestic religious beliefs and practices in late antiquity.
3. to consider the relationship between early Christians religious practices and those of other religious groups in their societies.

The focus of the course is not on the bishops, but on how non-elite Christians believed and prayed in their homes, in shrines, at cemeteries, on pilgrimages, etc. Museums are full of objects used in these contexts but it is only recently that historians have started to consider them useful for the history of early Christianity. In this course we shall think about useful methods for interpreting the objects - their design, production and use - and about themes such as 'magic', 'syncretism', 'domestic religion'.

12.12.2018 klo 12:00 - 7.1.2019 klo 23:59
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Kristinuskon historian perusteet 5 op

Opintojakson suoritettuaan opiskelija

- on tutustunut johonkin kristinuskon historian ajankohtaiseen tutkimusalueeseen, näkökulmaan tai tutkimusteemaan

- hahmottaa kristinuskon historian liittymistä erilaisiin ajankohtaisiin kysymyksiin

- tunnistaa erilaisia kristinuskon historian lähestymistapoja

- yksityiskohtaiset osaamistavoitteet määritellään kurssin yhteydessä

This course will explore the ways in which the study of material objects can inform our understanding of early Christianity. We shall particularly investigate objects connected to pilgrimage, healing and fertility, funerals and the home in light of their sameness/difference to non-Christian practices and through an examination of the methods of modern archaeologists and historians. We will focus on what evidence we have for non-elite religious practices and beliefs.

A preliminary reading and writing task before the course starts.

Project work on an object.

Frankfurter, David, Christianizing Egypt (2018)

Jas Elsner and Ian Rutherford (eds), Pilgrimage in Graeco-Roman and Early Christian Antiquity: Seeing the Gods (2005)
Journal of Early Christian Studies, vol 15.2 (2007)

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