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Kristinuskon historian perusteet 5 op

After the course, the student can name and describe central persons, groups and themes of the Radical Reformation. (S)he understands how confessional and political interests have shaped the historiography of the Radical Reformation and is able to describe the central features distinguishing Reformation radicals of the more mainstream reformers. (S)he has practiced critical reading of 16thcentury sources (in modern translation) and comparing its insights with current research literature.

The course offers an overview into the history of the Radical Reformation. The students will learn to understand the central theological and intellectual foundations of Anabaptism, legal and theological grounds for their persecution as well as the social and cultural context of the 16th century Reformations. As traditional interpretations of Anabaptism have been strongly influenced by the confessional background of the scholars – depicting Anabaptists stereotypically either as heroic martyrs or as criminals, heretics and rebels –, the course will offer the students insights into the latest developments in international historical and theological research. Special attention will be paid to the often forgotten rank-and-file Anabaptists, and on the historical diversity of Anabaptism.

Short preliminary assignment in Moodle, reading of assigned research literature between each class, group work and discussion in class (in English) and a short learning diary or essay based on the lectures and assigned research literature.

will be announced by the start of the course

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