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Doctoral candidates

Compulsory/optional course: Optional

  • Coordinating degree programme: Doctoral School in Health Sciences
  • The course belongs to the following module: General Transferable Skills
  • Availability of the course to students of other degree programmes: Yes, but subject to capacity

Advanced level of English

Course learning outcomes: The course participants will

  • Be able to restructure a text related to their own research or field into a conference presentation, either for an audience representing the same field or for a larger audience
  • Be able to organise the information into a clear and efficient presentation in terms of its language, structure, content and layout
  • Master the techniques related to answering audience questions
  • Be able to produce a poster presentation
  • Master the skills of providing and receiving feedback, including peer feedback and feedback from the teacher
  • Be able to develop their skills further with the help of feedback, self-evaluation and self-reflection.

The recommended time of completion is during the first two years of the programme. The course is organised several times a year.

  • Presenting at a conference (beginning, proceeding, digressing, summarising, ending)
  • Dealing with audience questions appropriately and clearly
  • Written text into an effective oral presentation
  • Dos and Don’ts of oral presentations
  • Pronunciation, especially stress placement and intonation
  • Practical considerations, including visuals.

Lectures combined with in-class presentations by participants. Real-time feedback from class participants and instructor along with self-evaluation through the review of a video of in-class presentations.

PASS/FAIL, 80% attendance and assignment completion required

24 contact lessons with six face-to-face meetings plus 30 hours of independent/group work between the meetings. Maximum 12 course participants.