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14.10.2019 kl. 12:00 - 20.10.2019 kl. 23:59


Students of all faculties

This course does NOT fulfil the foreign language requirement in the Bachelor-level degree.

Starting level CEFR C1

If you are uncertain about your CEFR level (pdf), contact the teacher or the tutor before signing up.

See WebOodi (WebOodi > Instruction and courses > Course catalogues > Language Centre > English) for other courses supporting the further development of the competence provided by this course.

The aim of the course is for students to achieve a high level of fluency in spoken English. It is the intention that by the end of the course the students will have improved their ability to

  • produce clear, smoothly flowing, well-structured speech
  • engage in extended conversation comfortably and appropriately
  • use English flexibly and effectively for social purposes
  • participate in formal discussion and debate, expressing arguments persuasively
  • initiate, maintain and end conversations
  • give clear, coherent descriptions and narratives
  • maintain consistent grammatical and lexical accuracy

Only AFTER fulfilling the Bachelor-level degree requirements in English (Academic and Professional Communication / English Academic and Professional Skills).

The course will include

  • analyzing and discussing the nature of oral fluency
  • negotiating the course syllabus based on the needs and wishes of the group
  • examining the sociolinguistic and sociocultural implications of language
  • practicing a variety of oral activities, such as formal and informal discussion, descriptions and narratives
  • preparing a short individual report on an aspect of spoken language
  • preparing and taking part in debates
  • strategies for developing spoken language

The Language Centre requires students to attend approximately 80% of the classes.

2 credit = 28 contact hrs and 26 hrs of independent work.

Materials, in paper or electronic format, provided by both the teacher and the students, will be used during the course.


The course uses peer evaluation, self-evaluation and evaluation by the teacher.

Includes 28 contact hrs and 26 hrs of independent work

The Language Centre requires students to attend approximately 80% of the classes. Concessions may be made if warranted by the nature of the course. However, 100% attendance may be required for contact lessons related to self-access courses or equivalent studies.