Rethinking Heatlh -moocin kuvituskuva

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Free of charge

You will be instructed to enroll on the course through the Open University after you have completed assignments in the learning environment. The instructions will be sent to the same email you used to complete the course in the learning environment.

Enrollment is possible till 31.12.2021.

Note! Enrollment on the Open University is temporarily closed 15.5.-30.5.2021.

You can enroll on the course if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have a Finnish personal identity number (format:, or
  • you are a student at the University of Helsinki, or
  • you are a student at a HAKA member institution.


The course is open to anyone interested in the topics covered. The completed course can be included in degrees at the University of Helsinki. In addition, the skills acquired can be an asset in different professions.

Not reguired

  • The differing definitions of value-based care, from both a provider and a societal perspective
  • Why value-based healthcare is relevant and needed for today’s healthcare challenges – and for those of tomorrow
  • How value-based healthcare is being used in various countries around the world, with real-life examples
  • The future of value-based healthcare and how it might be developed

Rethinking Health -mooc course

The course introduces what value-based healthcare is. The results of the value-based healthcare are measured by the end-result of the care and the patient's quality of life.

Kurssi esittelee vaikuttavuusperusteisen terveydenhuollon perusteet, jossa tuloksia mitataan hoidon lopputuloksen ja ihmisen elämänlaadun perusteella.

Independently getting to know the course material and answering questions after each section. You can do the course in your own pace, but is is recommeneded to try to finish the course in 6 weeks.

For more information about the course content, check out the mooc-course or contact Reaktor Education's Help Center.