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Learn the basics of modern software deployment in this introductory course to Docker and docker-compose. Also peek into the various parts that web services consist of such as reverse proxies, databases etc.

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Jami Kousa

Publicerad, 17.7.2020 kl. 13:18

Welcome new students!

Start by going to the "Material" section and opening the Course material. The Moodle page above is only required at the end of the course. See more details under "Registration and fee"



Anmälning och avgift

Free of charge.

Enrollment instructions

No enrollment before the course begins. You will not enroll on the course before you have completed the exercises and wish to receive credits. For enrollment instructions, please refer to the FAQ section of the MOOC learning environment.

  1. Complete the assignments in the MOOC online learning environment.
    • No course enrollment is required.
    • Course materials are available for everyone.
  2. Once you have completed course assignments, you will be given instructions for course enrollment in the MOOC online learning environment (see FAQ section of the course material for more information). Open University enrollment is required for ECTS credits. The ECTS are entered in the University of Helsinki’s student records.
    • ! Enrollment at the Open University ends 23.1.2021.

In order to enroll electronically you will need to meet one of the following criteria:
A. You have a university of Helsinki user ID.
B. You have a user ID at a HAKA federation member institution.
C. You have Finnish personal indentity number.

Practical instructions for studying
Ar­range­ments for stu­dents in need of spe­cial sup­port

Open University reserves the right to make changes to the study programme.


Course is suitable for

  • anyone interested in Docker or containerization
  • anyone studying computer science (optional course for the Bachelor's Programme in Computer Science)
  • students from other degree programmes.

If you are completing DEFA (Digital Education For All) studies, DevOps with Docker is one of the courses that can be completed for application purposes.

Course does not have prerequisites, but it is recommended for students to have at least some experience in web development.

Student needs to have good CLI skills and a general understanding of software development.

Shell Scripting

Computing Tools for CS Studies (Tietokone Työvälineenä)

1-3 credits depending on course exercise completion.

1. credit: Student has learned what docker is and knows how to use it in different scenarios.
2. credit: Student has general understanding of docker-compose and is able to implement advanced docker configurations.
3. credit: Student has deeper understanding of docker ecosystem and its use cases.

The recommended time of completion in computer science studies is the second year, after a course such as full stack web development (examples for finnish students web-palvelinohjelmointi java or tietoliikenteen perusteet).

The course is an introductory course to Docker and docker-compose and their usage in single host deployments. Course will also introduce other container management tools.

Course will also look into what different parts web services consist of such as reverse proxies, caches and databases.

Recommended to read during the course: Docker documentation https://docs.docker.com/ especially parts "get started".

Paja exercise groups held in Exactum.

Fail / Pass grading with completion of course exercises.

Contact information:

1. Study the course materials in the MOOC online learning environment, which contains the material and instructions necessary for completing the course.
2. Enroll on the course once you have completed the exercises and wish to receive credits. For enrollment instructions, please refer to the FAQ section of the MOOC learning environment. The last day to enroll on the course is 23.1.2021.
3. Finish the course in the learning environment Moodle after the Open University course registration is completed.

! Deadline for all submissions is 24.1.2021.


  • WHAT - The course is finished in the online learning environment Moodle.
  • WHEN - The Moodle space opens on 21.4.2020. You will be able to log in to the course's Moodle after completing the course assignments in the MOOC environment and registering for the course.
  • HOW TO ACCESS - You will receive the Moodle-link and the course key through email after course registration.
    • Do you study at University of Helsinki or other HAKA member institution?
      • If yes, use your username and password to log in to Moodle.
      • If no, please activate your University of Helsinki user ID to access Moodle. You will receive more information on the user ID after registration through email.
    • (Students with University of Helsinki username: You can also access Moodle through the Moodle button on this page. You will see the course key next to the button once you are logged in on this page. The course key will be visible 24 hours have passed since your course registration).

Read more:
Instructions for online examinations
Arragements for students in need of special support

Jami Kousa

The course is part of the subject studies in Computer Science.