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Anmäl dig
13.11.2019 kl. 12:00 - 10.2.2020 kl. 15:00


I den här delen hittar du kursens tidsschema. Kontrollera eventuella andra tider i beskrivning.

tis 11.2.2020
10:00 - 12:00


After completing the orientation, doctoral candidates will

· be familiar with the requirements of completing a PhD at the University of Helsinki

· be capable of self-direction and self-management in learning

· have developed interaction, communication and digital skills

· have an understanding of the scientific community and support system surrounding their research

· be familiar with future career options available to them

To be completed as soon as possible after receiving post-graduate study rights

Contact teaching day offered twice a year, or online at any time.

Orientation will cover the following topics:

· DPPS profile and research areas

· DPPS degree structure and courses

· Thesis committee meetings

· International mobility

· Research community

· Career prospects

· Digital services

· Support services

· Feedback

Doctoral programme webpages

Doctoral programme welcome letter

YEB Code of Conduct

Orientation will be held on a one-one basis or in small groups. Full attendance is required and a Thesis committee meeting three months later will be scheduled.

Feedback from the teacher Pass/Fail

Attendance at a contact teaching day or taken independently through the Moodle online learning system.

The online course must be taken by all with a pass rate minimum of 80%.

DPPS Office