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A master level course

Introductory general management course (e.g. strategic management) or similar

The course aims to enable the student to analyse and manage innovation drivers in value chains for improved performance (triple-bottom line) and customer satisfaction, which is important in relation to understanding, employing and critically assessing metrics and organizational requirements for improving innovation performance. The aim is to address both theoretical and practical management issues.

A master level course related to "Advanced value chain management in the food sector": “Managing innovation in agri-food value chains for sustainability”

4th year, IV period, every year.

  • Innovation in value chains for sustainability: the role of the three perspectives of sustainability
  • The "innovation value chain": from idea generation, to development and diffusion
  • Idea generation, innovation funnels and Open Innovation in agri-food value chains
  • Radical innovations, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence - in agri-food?

Contact teaching

Distributed in class: articles, case studies.

In-class discussion, articles, case studies.

Attendance not required but course presence and participation will be part of grading.

In-class lectures; case-study component; individual take-home paper.

prof. Bodo Steiner

Replaces the former course 87041 (EE041) Liiketoiminta, vastuullisuus ja kilpailukyky