Namn Sp Studieform Tid Ort Arrangör
Logik 5 Cr Examinarium (tentakvarium) 14.11.2017 - 22.6.2018
Logic 5 Cr Kurs 16.1.2018 - 2.3.2018

Tidigare studier eller kunskaper

Propaedeutic course: Johdatus logiikkaan (or equivalent course).


The aim of the course is to get students master some of the central logical methods for showing the validity of arguments in formal logic and their significance in the light of meta-theoretical results.
Depending on the teacher, there will be a detailed exposition of proof-theoretic and /or semantic methods for showing the validity of arguments in formal logic, with an emphasis on predicate logic. The different methods will be linked through meta-theoretical results (completeness theorems).


Reading material to be announced at the beginning of the course.

For the literature exam: Dirk van Dalen, Logic and structure, Springer, 2004.

Bedömningsmetoder och kriterier

Assessment in the scale 0-5, based on the learning objectives.

Studieavsnittets form

Lecture course with exercise sessions and final exam. The student should register to one of the exercise groups. Completion of the course is possible also through a literature exam.