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The course is compulsory in the Food Safety study module. The course is available for students with bachelor level knowledge in food sciences.

Bachelor level knowledge in food sciences

After completing the course the student has a basic knowledge of food toxicology and of the principles of risk assessment concerning food and food ingredients. The student will be able to search for relevant safety evaluations and read and understand the scientific opinions regarding evaluation of food safety.

1st or 2nd year, period IV, odd years only

Basic principles of toxicology, ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion), exposure, food allergy, examples of safety evaluation of vitamins, novel foods, food additives, flavourings, botanical substances, and GMO.

Studieform är tentamen i Examinarium. Anmäl dig först till undervisningshändelsen i WebOodi. Sedan boka tid och plats till tentamen i Examinarium: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/sv/artikel/att-tenta-i-examinarium-tentakvariet.

Material provided during the course with links to relevant web-pages (e.g. EFSA, EU commission). Supportive reading: Püssa, T. 2014. Principles of Food Toxicology. 2nd ed. CRC Press. Chapters 1-6.

Literature examination 80 %, written essay 20 %. The performance will be graded using a scale of 0-5.

Kurssin voi suorittaa myös suomen tai ruotsin kielellä.

Lecture series + written essay, contact teaching 30 h, self study 103 h.

Marina Heinonen

Replaces the former course 871073 (EK363) Food Toxicology and Risk Assesment 5 cr.