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linguistics projects in practice

This course introduces you to various materials in digital format that are used in linguistic research today. The course is divided into three modules focusing on different kinds of electronic materials: dictionaries, text repositories, and corpora. In each module, we will work together on a case study so that you learn by doing how to carry out research with these materials and how to report on a research project. In each of the modules you will also complete small research projects individually and/or in groups and then report on them. We will be working with a range of materials from about 1500 up to the present day, depending on the interests of the group.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to
1) find and use various digital materials to carry out different kinds of linguistic research
2) plan, carry out and report on an original piece of research following academic conventions.

Important note 1: There is no session on 4 September because of the University Opening festivities.
Important note 2: The teaching room (Aleksandria K131) only fits 21 students. For this reason, participation in the course may have to be limited. Students who have already completed more than two option courses will be the first ones dropped from the course.

Anmäl dig
15.8.2017 kl. 09:00 - 30.8.2017 kl. 23:59
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Working methods and requirements for completing the course
As this is a very hands-on course that relies on group work, class attendance is compulsory. During the course, you will be completing the following assignments individually or as a group:
• Groups will be required to submit a brief research plan at the beginning of each project and written project reports (of about 1500 words each) at the end of each module; each student will also submit individual assessments of their group members (themselves included).
• Groups will present one of the projects orally in class.
• Each student comments on at least three group presentations.
• At the end of the course, each student submits a portfolio that consists of three project reports and a short reflection paper.
Each report/presentation should explain what the research project is about, describe how the research was carried out, and present and evaluate the results of the project. The groups will get feedback on the first two reports and the presentation that can be used to revise the reports if students/groups wish to do so. In the reflection paper that will be included in each portfolio students will analyze their own learning with regard to the learning objectives for the course and give themselves a grade for the course.

1-5, fail. The assessment of the course will be based on the average of the grades for the written reports, but self-evaluation (in the reflection paper), peer assessment, and active participation in class (e.g. commenting the work of others, class attendance, analysis in reflection paper) can influence the final grade.


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