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Text analysis ii

A further opportunity to hone your Finnish-English translation skills, working with a variety of textual genres.

This is a course for English philology students offering further guidance and practice in translating from Finnish into English. The aim is to develop fully idiomatic written English expression across a range of written styles and media through detailed consideration of lexical, grammatical and rhetorical variation according to cultural settings and specific contexts of translation. We will take on collaborative work with several organisations including the Helsinki City Museum (, the Otava publishing house and a project called Vastuullinen tiede ( Reading in the area of translation studies may be assigned at various points in the course.

Students will be expected to prepare translation drafts for each meeting. The drafts will form the basis for in-class revision, work in pairs and small groups, making use of software track change tools, traditional reference material, language corpus program(s) and internet searches. Assessment will be based in equal measure on work submitted, active participation in the classwork (usual department attendance rules apply) and a final in-class examination. The assignments will typically involve translating texts of c. 200-250 words.

Work to be uploaded by Sunday in preparation for the Monday class. Save work as .docx or .doc (i.e. not .pdf or .rtf) and remember to put your name in the document.

This is a 5 sp course.

Anmäl dig
14.8.2018 kl. 09:00 - 30.8.2018 kl. 12:00
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Opintojakso on vaihtoehto opintosuunnan opiskelijoille ja valinnaisten opintojen opiskelijoille.

Erikoistumisvaihtoehdon suoritettuaan opiskelija on perehtynyt syvällisemmin tietyn kielitieteen tutkimusalueen teemoihin ja kykenee hahmottamaan erikoistumisalueeseen liittyen kandidaatintutkielmansa kysymyksenasettelua.

Jakso suoritetaan aineopinnoissa opintojen toisena ja/tai kolmantena vuonna.

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Ilmoitetaan opetusohjelmassa tai ensimmäisellä tunnilla.

Ilmoitetaan opetusohjelmassa tai ensimmäisellä tunnilla.

Perustuu osaamistavoitteisiin. Ilmoitetaan opetusohjelmassa tai ensimmäisellä tunnilla; 0-5.

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