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Teacher: Arseniy Svynarenko, MA (Tampere)/ PhD (Kiev), Finnish Youth Research Network

The course is open for all University of Helsinki degree and exchange students.

NB 1: Teaching programme might be subject to changes and additions, so please check course-specific information before the start of the course.
NB 2: Registration is binding. In case you cannot participate, please cancel your participation in WebOodi. After end of registration time, contact the planning officer (see contact information below) for cancellation.

Students will learn about origins, key figures and developments in Ukrainian culture and formation of national identity. Students will learn the main theoretical approaches in the studies of culture and national identity and will familiarize with essential scholarly works on Ukrainian culture, society and politics. During the course students will also be encouraged to follow current political and cultural events in Ukraine and build their competence in contemporary Ukraine.

Course description:
1. Tue 30.10. Ukraine: geography, people, economy.
2. Wed 31.10. Theoretical approaches in the studies of culture and national identity.
3. Tue 6.11. GUEST LECTURE: Prof. Nataliya Kobchenko (Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine): Origins of Ukrainian Language: Imperial, Soviet and Contemporary Myths
4. Wed 7.11. GUEST LECTURE: Prof. Nataliya Kobchenko (Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine): Stalin’s Linguoside in Ukraine, or why Do Mainland Ukrainians and Diaspora Spell in Different Ways?
5. Tue 13.11. The Cossack Era, Cossack culture and its significance for Ukrainian national identity.
6. Wed 14.11. Ukrainian Literature. Ukrainian Music.
7. Tue 20.11. Ukrainian Renaissance in the 1920s. Nationalist movement in Western Ukraine. Stalin’s Terror in Ukraine in 1930s.
8. Wed 21.11. Ukraine in WW2. Nationalist organizations during war. Dissident movement in Soviet Ukraine.
9. Tue 27.11. GUEST LECTURE: Prof. Andriy Meleshevych (Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine): Perestroika and Ukrainian Independence. Evolution of political system and parties in Ukraine. Formation of contemporary political culture in Ukraine.
10. Wed 28.11. GUEST LECTURE: Prof. Andriy Meleshevych (Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine): Ukraine in International Relations
11. Tue 4.12. Religion in Ukraine. Main church organizations and their role in society and politics.
12. Wed 5.12. Civil society in Ukraine and its role in Orange Revolution and Euromaidan.
13. Tue 11.12. The war in Ukraine.
14. Wed 12.12. Exam

Lectures 26 h, reading, exam

Realisation and working methods :
Reading and other eventual material will be posted to Moodle. Ukrainian Studies Planning Officer will send instructions how to log in for those who have registered to the course. NB: Moodle instructions will be sent to your University of Helsinki email address (

Course can be also accepted as:
• KIK-UK104, KIK-UK106, ENS-317, ENS-339, ExpREES optional studies
• In case you wish to transfer the credit to some other study unit please contact the teacher responsible for the study unit / module or BA/MA programme
• This course is part of Bachelor's Programme in Languages, but in can also be accepted as master level study units (for example to ENS-317, ENS-339, or ExpREES optional studies)

Other information:

This course is organized by the Ukrainian Studies module (KIK-UK100, 30 ECTS) that is carried out in cooperation with Bachelor's Programme in Languages and the Aleksanteri Institute.

Contact person: Ukrainian Studies Planning Officer minna.oroza at
Ukrainian Studies:


1) Look up the course in WebOodi by copy pasting the course code (KUKA-IK, ALKU-IK, KIK-UK etc) to WebOobi search field (upper right corner) and check if you can sign up.

2) I you get an error message, please take a screen shot and send it to planning officer (see contact info above). In case you don’t get a screen shot, please send an email anyway.

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12.9.2018 kl. 09:00 - 1.11.2018 kl. 23:59
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Opintojaksosta vastaa kielten kandiohjelma.

Opintojakso on pakollinen Ukraina-opintokokonaisuutta suorittaville. Opintojakso on avoin muiden ohjelmien opiskelijoille.

Opintojakson suoritettuaan opiskelijalla on kattavat perustiedot ja ymmärrys Ukrainan alueen historiallisesta kehityksestä sekä menneisyyden merkityksestä nykyisen Ukrainan yhteiskunnan rakentumisesta.

Järjestetään lukuvuosittain.

Opintojaksossa perehdytään Ukrainan historian käännekohtiin ja niiden poliittisiin, sosiaalisen ja taloudellisiin vaikutuksiin.

Opintojaksossa käytettävä kirjallisuus määräytyy suoritettavan kurssin mukaan.

Opetusmenetelmät ja aktiviteetit määräytyvät kurssikohtaisesti. Palaute kerätään systemaattisesti.

Opintojakso arvostellaan asteikolla 0-5. Opintojakson arvosana määräytyy suoritustavan (esim. luentokurssi) mukaisesti määriteltyjen tehtävien, aktiivisuuden ja muiden suoritusvaatimusten perusteella. Arviointimenetelmät ovat kiinteässä yhteydessä osaamistavoitteisiin ja opintojakson opetusmenetelmiin.

Opintojaksoon soveltuva luentokurssi, johon sisältyy kirjallisuutta ja kurssin mukaan sovellettuja tehtäviä. Vaihtoehtoisena suoritustapana kirjallisuuskuulustelu.