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The Master's Programme in Literary Studies is responsible for the course.

The course is an optional part of the following modules:

  • KIR-T300 Literary Studies, Advanced Studies, at least 90 cr
  • KIR-O300 Literary Studies, Advanced Studies, Subject Teacher Education, 60 cr
  • KIR-301 Literary Studies, Optional Advanced Studies, 60 cr
  • KIR-310 Theory and Methods of Literary Studies, Module, 15 cr

The course is also available to students of the Master's Programme in Art Studies as part of the module KIR-Y300 Comparative Literature, Advanced Studies, 60 cr.

The course is available to students from other degree programmes.

After completing the course, students will have acquired advanced understanding of the theory of poetry and its central research methodology. Students will be able to critically evaluate the applicability of different theoretical approaches to analysing poetry.

The course is not offered every year, but it can also be completed as a book examination at a Faculty examination session.

The course focuses on the central concepts and models of the theory and research of poetry. These include analysing the rhythm, speaker, imagery and the complete works from a variety of perspectives.

The literature will be agreed upon with the master’s thesis supervisor.

For 5 credits 2­–3 works or about 600–700 pages for example of the following works:

The Theory of Lyrics:

Culler: Theory of the Lyric

Janss, Melberg & Refsum: Lyrikens liv. Introduktion till att läsa dikt

Lilja: Poesins rytmik

Perloff: Differentials: Poetry, Poetics, Pedagogy

Työmaana runous: Runoudentutkimuksen nykysuuntauksia. Toim. Kainulainen, Lummaa ja Seutu

Thesis and monographs:

Enwald: Pohjajään ilo; Haapala: Kaipaus ja kielto; Hollsten: Ei kattoa, ei seiniä; Kainulainen: Kun sanat eivät riitä; Karhu: Säkeiden synty; Kaunonen: Sanojen palatsi; Lankinen: Ajatus kuluttaa kiveä; Lummaa: Kui trittitii! Finnish Avian Poetrics, Seutu: Olla elävän sanat; Viikari: Ääneen kirjoitettu

Graded on a scale of 0–5.

Lecture or practicum course, or a written examination.

Faculty exams: Jyrki Nummi