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This course is optional and available for students from different options. However, the course is compulsory for the Food Microbiology and Biotechnology module.

Basic knowledge in microbiology, genetics and biochemistry

Food toxicology and risk assessment 5 ect

European food safety 5 ect

After the course the student knows the most relevant food and water pathogens (prions, viruses, bacteria, molds, yeast, fungi, algae and parasites) and can explain how they can be isolated, identified and typed. The student can describe how the pathogens enter the food and water chain and has basic knowledge of the ecology of the pathogens. The students knows the practices used by societies to minimize the problems caused by the food and water transmitted pathogens.

First or second year

II period

Arranged every second year, uneven years

The course concentrates on pathogens transmitted via food and water, how they enter the food and water chain and how they can be isolated, identified and typed. Epidemiological studies, food and water control in Finland and elsewhere, hygiene, self-control, HACCP, and accreditation are included in the content of the course.

J.M. Jay et al. Modern Food Microbiology, seventh edition. Springer Science + Business media Inc. 2005, NY, USA. Parts IV, VI and VII. Additional material is found on the Moodle platform.

The student is searching and reading scientific articles and the relevance of the results in the articles are discussed with the other students and the teacher.

Literature examination, evaluation according to scale 0-5.

Moodle platform is used.

The course is arranged every uneven year.

The course is based on lectures and self-studies of the student consisting of searching for and reading scientific literature and materials available at relevant www-pages of institutions involved in food, water and environmental control like WHO, EFSA, FDA etc.

Course evaluation is based on the examination only and the lectures are not obligatory.

Per Saris

Replaces the former course 864073 (MIKRO575) Elintarvike- ja ympäristöhygienia ja valvonta 5 cr OR 864989 (MIKRO576)
Food and environmental hygiene and control 5 cr.