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1.8.2019 kl. 08:00 - 31.7.2020 kl. 23:59


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ons 23.10.2019
16:00 - 18:00
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ons 29.1.2020
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Students, doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers, principal investigators.

After this course, the student knows what the current themes of research and key questions in neuroscience are. He/she is familiar with the methods used in neuroscience research and what the major scientific and technical limits of neuroscience are at the moment. He/she will know how to write an essay reflecting the content of a seminar presentation.

Spring 2020 seminars

29.1. Jari Koistinaho (University of Helsinki): Astrocytes challenge neurons as the aristocrats of the human brain
4.3. Aarno Palotie (University of Helsinki): TBA
11.3. Mart Saarma (University of Helsinki): Can we develop disease-modifying treatment for neurodegenerative diseases?
15.4. Heikki Tanila (University of Eastern Finland): What is causing Alzheimer’s disease? POSTPONED TO FALL 2020
29.4. Anna-Elina Lehesjoki (Folkhälsan & University of Helsinki): POSTPONED TO FALL 2020

The seminar will continue about once a month. The dates, speakers and topics will be announced later.

Kindly fill in the registration e-form for each seminar you plan to attend so that we can estimate the headcount for coffee and sandwiches:


The previous presentations are available at the course Moodle page.

Prominent neuroscientists will give a lecture. The students will reflect these events in essays they write after each lecture.

Scale is pass/fail

The course involves visits to neuroscience laboratories, listening to lectures and writing essays. 5 visits + essays = 1 cr, 10 visits + essays = 2 cr.

Professor Iiris Hovatta