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Only for the master students majoring in Development Studies.

Upon completion of the course, students will have further developed analytical, planning and writing skills necessary to complete a successful MA thesis in Development Studies under the guidance of their supervisor(s).

Term: 4

Each student prepares a synopsis of their MA thesis research plan and submits this to the course teacher for comment. Each student makes a formal class presentation of 20-30 minutes outlining their MA thesis project. A template for this presentation is provided by the teacher. Each student is assigned to act as a formal discussant for at least one other student’s presentation, and asked to raise questions and make suggestions for further development of the thesis. Class discussion follows each student presentation and the comments by the discussant. Students prepare a literature review essay of 2500-3000 words, which focuses on selected literature relevant to their framework of analysis and specific research project. Students submit a final report on their Portfolio assignment in writing at the completion of the seminar course. Each student meets the course teacher for a 30-60 minute interview to discuss their MA thesis research plan document.

Interactive weekly seminar format, including a formal presentation of the student’s thesis plan and a discussant role as peer reviewer of other students research plans. This is a seminar based class format, with oral presentations, class discussion, and written assignments. Students keep a personal portfolio (an individual reflective assignment on the student’s own development into an expert in the field of Development Studies) which records progress in their studies towards the MA thesis.